Oracle offers software and hardware engineered to work together to deliver end-to-end solutions that help you transform the insurance enterprise. With Oracle’s comprehensive set of solutions, insurance companies can innovate to keep pace with changing demands, simplify their IT environments and transform the business into an agile, cost-effective enterprise.

By assembling a dedicated insurance team with deep domain expertise, we have made—and continue to make—strategic investments in solutions specifically designed for the insurance industry. Oracle provides the modern, rules-driven flexibility insurers need to transform the way they do business and supports the complete insurance lifecycle. Oracle helps you do everything—from speeding development of new products to improving sales and streamlining policy issuance, administration, and claims processing.

With Oracle, insurers can respond to market needs by releasing new products more quickly, and deploying those products in a way that’s compliant with both regulatory mandates and management’s need for timely and accurate access to information. Oracle Insurance can also help insurance companies provide consistent service that balances the desire to meet customers’ requirements with the corporate need to maintain healthy margins. Finally, Oracle enables insurers to embed performance management processes into operations, become more transparent, mitigate risk, and meet compliance mandates, helping you become agile and adaptive enough to respond and plan effectively in the midst of rapid change.

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